World Electric Car Market in 2021

Global Plug-in car sales in 2021: BEVs: about 4.6 million (up about 115% year-over-year) and 6.1% share PHEVs: about 1.9 million (up about 93% year-over-year) and 2.9% share Total: 6,495,388 (up 108% year-over-year) and 9% share Tesla had 20.3% of the global BEV market in 2021. All-electric (BEV) car sales in Q1-Q4 2021 (vs previous…
World Electric Car Market in 2021

Global Plug-in car sales in 2021:

BEVs: about 4.6 million (up about 115% year-over-year) and 6.1% share

PHEVs: about 1.9 million (up about 93% year-over-year) and 2.9% share

Total: 6,495,388 (up 108% year-over-year) and 9% share

Tesla had 20.3% of the global BEV market in 2021.

All-electric (BEV) car sales in Q1-Q4 2021 (vs previous year):

Tesla: 936,172 and 21% share (vs 23%)

SAIC (incl. SAIC-GM-Wuling): 609,730 and 13% share

Volkswagen Group: 451,131 and 10% share (vs 11%)

BYD: 323,143 and 7% share

Hyundai Motor Group: 216,562 and 5% share

Top 5 total: 2,536,738 (55% share)

others: over 2 million (45% share)

Total: over 4.6 million

Xpeng had 98,155 sales in 2021 Xpeng is all BEV.

Nio had 91,422 sales in 2021. Nio is all BEV.

Plug-in car sales in Q1-Q4 2021 (vs previous year):

Tesla: 936,172 and 14.4% share (vs 16%)

Volkswagen Group: 757,994 and 11.7% share (vs 13%)

SAIC (incl. SAIC-GM-Wuling): 683,086 and 10.5% share

BYD: 593,878 and 9.1% share

Stellantis: 360,953 and 5.6% share

Top 5 total: 3,332,083 (51.3% share)

others: 3,163,305 (48.7% share)

Total: 6,495,388

The top-selling models in December and in 2021 (sorted by 2021):

Tesla Model 3 – 86,032 and 500,713 YTD ($45k starting price)

Wuling’s Hong Guang MINI EV – 55,742 and 424,138 YTD (cheap $5000 BEV car)

Tesla Model Y – 79,621 and 410,517 YTD ($40k starting price)

Volkswagen ID.4 – 19,174 and 121,631 YTD (start $50k price)

BYD Qin Plus PHEV – 17,286 and 111,553 YTD (PHEV not BEV)

Li Xiang One EREV – 14,087 and 90,491 YTD (PHEV not BEV)

BYD Han EV – 10,307 and 86,901 YTD (about $30k-40k price BEV)

BYD Song Pro/Plus PHEV – 15,123 and 78,973 YTD (PHEV not BEV)

Changan Benni EV – 10,404 and 76,454 YTD (cheap $8.5k BEV car)

Volkswagen ID.3 – 8,563 and 76,278 YTD (start $40k price)

VW Group made 452,900 BEVs in 2021 and about 300,000 PHEV. VW Group had 9.8% of the global BEV market. This was more BEVs than the 320k BEV for BYD in 2021. If we want to count the $4k-5k Wuling Mini EV then those sold 395k in 2021. Nearly 60 percent of the VW group’s electric vehicle sales come from the Volkswagen brand and are backed by Audi, Cupra, Porsche, SEAT and Skoda, giving it a presence in a range of electric vehicle segments.

VW Group Q4 2021 had

BEVs: about 159,800 (up 47.2% year-over-year) and 8.3% share

PHEVs: about 63,500 (down 25% year-over-year) and 3.3% share

Total: about 223,300 (up 15% year-over-year) and 11.6% share

Half of all-electric vehicles sold globally are to mainland Chinese customers. There are only about 300-500k+ BEV in the more premium Tesla range (BYD, Nio, Xpeng, VW). The vast majority of China BEVs are below $22000 and most of these are $12000 or less.

Europe had 1.2 million BEV sales in 2021. There were 1.03 million PHEV sales in Europe in 2021.

The Ford Mach E, the GM Bolt (all recalled with battery fire issues) and the Nissan Leaf are also competing in the non-cheap end of EVs. VW, Ford, GM and Nissan, Renault, Nissan, Peugeot are competing in the US and Europe.

Peugeot is owned by Stellantis. VW Group owns Skoda, Audi Porsche.

Top Battery Electric Car Companies in 2021

Tesla leads the global electric vehicle market with a 20.3% BEV share (936k). In 2021, the Model Y begins to sell in key markets and quickly surpasses the Model 3 in mainland China and the United States. Tesla’s vehicle production has matured in mainland China and will start production in Europe in the first half of 2022. In 2022, Tesla will focus on delivering existing models rather than launching new ones.

SAIC-GM-Wuling ranked second place BEV with 13% share (609k) and about 12% share of the BEV & PHEV market. The cheap Wuling Hongguang Mini EV is far ahead in mainland China and the slightly less cheap Boajun models were the reason for SAIC sales. SAIC als has Maxus, MG, Roewe, etc. brands.

The Baojun is a BEV car brand with about 100,000 sales per year and prices around $10,000 prices and PHEV SUVs. Maxus also has PHEV SUVs.

The overseas sales volume of MG has exceeded 310,000 vehicles this year, including 245,000 exported vehicles and 66,000 vehicles produced overseas.

MG has sold 46,000 NEVs in the United Kingdom, France, Germany, Netherlands, Sweden, and other developed countries this year, becoming a leader among China’s NEV makers in expanding into overseas markets. These sales overseas are mostly PHEV SUVs.

Volkswagen is in third place with 9.8% BEV market share and second place with BEV and PHEV with 14% share. It doubled its EV sales in 2021 compared to 2020 and leads the European market.

BYD is in fourth place, with EV sales increasing by more than 200% in 2021 and a market share of 7% for BEV and 9% for BEV and PHEV. BYD has launched more than a dozen models in mainland China, including some electric and hybrid versions. At the end of 2021, BYD also launched the first model based on its new e-platform 3.0 platform, and more new models are expected to be launched based on this platform in 2022.

Hyundai’s EV market share in 2021 is 5%. That’s because the Hyundai and Kia twins are doing well. Among them, the Hyundai Ioniq 5 and Kia EV6 are launched in mid-2021, while the Hyundai Kona and Kia Niro are selling well in 2021. So far, the group has dealt with chip shortages better than most rivals.

Xpeng and Nio had pure BEV sales of about 100,000 each. Each had just over 2% global BEV share.

Stellantis and BMW were mostly PHEV. The electrified version of the popular compact car in Europe is key to its success, with Peugeot, Opel/Vauxhall and Fiat all selling well. Stellantis will produce four new electric vehicle platforms for use in vehicles across the group’s 14 brands.

Stellantis Fiat 500e was the best-selling electric car in Italy in 2021 with 10,753 sales.

The BMW Group’s electric vehicle sales in 2021 increased by 70%, gaining a 5% market share. With China being the largest market, its best-selling electric car in 2021 is the China-made BMW iX3 (38000 sold in 2021). The Mini Cooper SE was the second best-selling electric car, ahead of the older BMW i3.

China has EV cars like the Chery eq ($8500), Great Wall Black Cat Ora ($10k-15k range) and the GAC Aion S is an EV sedan at about $25000.

SOURCES- InsideEV, cleantechnica, Best selling cars

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