My Antiaging Journey Gets Serious

I wrote in February, 2022 about the need to get hardcore about mitigating aging when you are 60 and over. I, Brian Wang, am turning 57 in a few months and the US actuarial tables show that my risk of death each year is passing 1% per year in the next few years. By the…
My Antiaging Journey Gets Serious

I wrote in February, 2022 about the need to get hardcore about mitigating aging when you are 60 and over.

I, Brian Wang, am turning 57 in a few months and the US actuarial tables show that my risk of death each year is passing 1% per year in the next few years. By the time most of us are 70, the risk of death in each year will pass 2% per year. If we can take care of ourselves with exercise, proper diet, and supplements, we might be able to reduce the annual risk by 30-50%. A 50% reduction would mean that you can be a healthy 70-year-old with an annual risk of dying that is the same as someone who was 58 or 60. If you are really good and taking care of yourself maybe you can have a 75% reduction in annual death risk versus people of your actual age. This would mean you could 70 with the risk of someone who was 51. You could 80 with the risk of someone who was 59. You could be 90 with the risk of someone who was 77. Currently, everyone will hit the aging wall at 95+ where the risks go up to 40% per year. Maybe taking really good care of ourselves can drop that to 10-20% per year. However, a meaningful impact beyond 95 will likely require major scientific success reversing all 7 forms of aging damage.

Our risk of dying increases as we age and this is how insurance companies who sell life insurance view our risk. They do not consider that maybe some of us will live to 60s, 70s, 80s or 90s or beyond.

I am going to take the products at I will also take the NAD test to see what this aging biomarker says about my NAD levels. I wil take the supplements: Berberine, NMN, SIRT6 activator and Fisetin. Nextbigfuture followers can also go to Donotage.products and use the code NEXTBIGFUTURE for a discount.

Berberine is a Geroprotector which canb slow the aging process. It is in the same class as Metformin. Metformin can be difficult in the USA as you need to get unless a doctor prescribe for pre-diabetes or diabetes. There is Metformin available online from Indian and other foreign pharmacy sources.

NAD+ restoration is enhanced with NMN. NAD levels decrease as we age. Restoring NAD using NMN can improve health. NAD+ is a nucleotide found in all living cells that plays an important role in energy metabolism. Levels may decline markedly with age and restoring them to a youthful state using various oral precursors, transdermal patches or IVs is believed to have beneficial effects on health and longevity.

Fisetin is a first-generation way to reduce zombie cells in the body. Our bodies produce a lot of cells when we are young so any cells that have any problem are removed from the body. When we get older our bodies do not produce a lot of new cells so our body keeps dysfunctional cells which produce toxins. Our body thinks it is better to have a half-effective cell than no cell. This choice is not good for our health as it makes arthritis and other conditions worse.

First generation senolytics: Dasatinib, Quercetin, Fisetin, Piperloungime, Azithromycin

I also take Quercetin.

Intermittent dosing of first-generation senolytics leads to the elimination of senescent cells in humans and by doing so, has the potential to prevent, delay, or alleviate multiple age-related diseases and increase the healthy lifespan.

Fisetin is a flavonoid found in many types of fruits and vegetables that is readily available over the counter as a supplement. Used intermittently at high doses it is supposed to act as a senolytic agent to remove senescent cells presenting an easily accessible, inexpensive therapeutic option.

SIRT6 Activator helps Sirtuin 6. Sirtuin 6 commonly known as the longevity sirtuin, has many health benefits. SIRT6 enhances DNA double strand break repair under oxidative stress. Oxidative stress can damage all components of the cell, including DNA. SIRT6 recruits PARP1 to facilitate DNA repair. SIRT6 is instrumental for your energy as it increases the efficiency of ATP production. SIRT6 has been shown to be closely related to a number of metabolic pathways and genome maintenance, as well as telomere stability.

SIRT6 is neuroprotective, and patients with Alzheimers disease have low levels of SIRT6. The SIRT6 protein plays a key role in DNA repair, maintenance of genomic stability in cells and healthy ageing. Activating SIRT6 can provide broad tumor suppressant and health promoting benefits. Professor Gorbunova and her team are currently carrying out a study using Do Not Age’s SIRT6Activator® and full publication is due in November.

SIRT6 Activator dosage is about 4 capsules (1600 mg) per day before a meal.

Rough guide dosage guide is based upon body weight is below:

= 2400mg per day

Promising Rejuvenation Therapies per Forever Healthy


Existing compounds that slow our aging process to some extent or at least significantly lower our probability to suffer from age-related diseases.




DMAE & Centrophenoxine

Compensatory Treatments

Therapies that do not address the root causes of our aging process but rather compensate for the effects that it has on our body.

Male & female steroid hormone restoration

NAD+ restoration

Young plasma infusions

Young plasma exosomes

Immune support with dendritic & NK cells

US Actuarial Tables

NAD Test and Supplements

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